“You’re A
Masterpiece In Progress!”

“A real handicap is anything that keeps me from being or becoming all that I was created to be!”

“The least likely person can accomplish the most extraordinary things in the most unusual way!”

Jeff Steinberg has a very special message for your next special event; “…Quit focusing on the Handicap and start to appreciate the Gift.” 

“I first watched this Tiny Giant with mangled legs and no arms, sing and share his humor and deliver his special Message on a world-class level. He spoke with authority, passion, gratitude and humility. He kept me riveted to the edge of my seat. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

The highly diverse audience of several hundred people was spellbound by Jeff, on so many levels. We all came away with a deeper Faith, a greater belief that we can let go of things holding us back, and accomplish anything we put our mind too. 

Jeff Steinberg has proven almost since his birth that he is unstoppable.  I encourage you to schedule Jeff Steinberg for your next event.” 

Frank Candy

Ammerican Speakers Bureau

“Jeff defies the buzz-words of his condition. His talent, ingenuity and determination prevent him from being “handicapped.” His dexterity with his feet, mouth and hook hardly qualify him as “disabled.” He has achieved more in his life than most “able-bodied” individuals, developing and maximizing his talents for the work of God. But then, “overcoming” is something Jeff has been doing since birth.” 

Rob Swanson

Look Up Orlando Magazine (July 2006)



A major key to achieving personal goals lies in the discovery of the “unique design” that is “ME” – positives and negatives, strengths and weaknesses, abilities and “disabilities” – then shaping my future to take full advantage of that design. Recognizing, acknowledging and ultimately embracing, “all that I am” provides the foundation for me to become “all that I can be.” The acceptance and application of these principles will promote achievement commensurate with ability, regardless of the task.


Everyone has limitations. The danger of self-actualization lies in accepting those limitations as “handicaps”. By redefining the word “handicap” as “anything which keeps me from being or becoming all that I was created to be,” and replace the myths we accept about our apparent limitations with a realistic understanding of what truly prevents success provides a vehicle to personal and professional fulfillment.


The greatest and most successful leader is NOT the person with all the answers, but the one who knows the right questions to ask. Mark Twain said “The two most important questions in life are, “Who Am I?” and “Why am I here?” I address the questions necessary to discovering your Personal, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial and Social Value! Success has to do with truly knowing yourself; your talents & abilities; overcoming limitations and so much more!

“Leadership and success in business as in life begins by knowing ourselves,
rising above our perceived limitations and accepting the challenge to positively impact our world.”

I look forward to Inspiring and Motivating your Corporate/Entrepreneurial event.  
Depending on the client’s needs and event requirements, my fee and arrangements can be flexible.

I am easy to work with and will help with handling the travel logistics.

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“Leadership and success in business as in life begins by knowing ourselves,
rising above our perceived limitations and accepting the challenge to
positively impact our world.”

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